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After Hurricane Ike

Things are getting back to normal, slowly. My family and I was very lucky in this storm. Even though we live in different parts of the Houston area, we got minor damage to our homes.   God protected us in this and we all have electricity.  My parents were the last to get their electricity, but God provided for them even in that time with a neighbor that had electricity that stored their food.

All I got was a few shingles off my roof (maybe 3) and two panels of a shared fence that my neighbor has already repaired so they could let their dogs be in their backyard again.

I felt God's protection through the storm, even though I did not know what the outcome might be.  Sad that one of the galleries that I do business with got 9 feet of water in it and now needs to be gutted.  The two owners will have to have their houses redone.  One is not sure if it is possible.  The gallery was the one on the historical district on the Strand - Simply Art.  It might be a long time before they will recover, and they are not sure the future at this time.

It is sad to see things like this happen to two ladies that are so supportive and encouraging to me and other artists that they did business with.  Hope to see great things come out this that only God can explain!  My prayers are with them.

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