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Red Tulips
   When I was looking for roses,
   God surprised me with tulips.


I went to a park in Houston, Texas that was noted for their rose gardens to take some rose pictures.  I was not paying attention at the time of the year I went.  When I got there, I did not find any roses blooming.  I had gone in early Spring, a little early for roses.

However, when I turned around to leave, I saw in the distance some color that was intriguing.  I had to go see.  When I got closer, I found to my surprise a wonderful display of tulips and irises in lots of different colors along with some yellow daffodils .

I started taking pictures of these instead - hence, the red tulips picture.  You will see the red tulips and other springtime bulb pictures using the path of  PRINTS-Flowers-Springtime or click  > Springtime


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