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Christmas Kitty

There is a story behind this picture.  It happened around Christmas...

This is one of my cats, and his name is Bandit.  Bandit would always greet me at the door when I came home, except for this one time. First time ever he was no where to be found, it seems.  I searched in the front rooms, the guest bathroom, and living room, the dining room and kitchen.  Finally I found him in the bedroom playing very intently with something he found.

I looked closely and to my surprise saw that it was the tie for the chair pad that I had been sewing on for a Christmas present.  I knew it quite well since I had fought with it a long time trying to turn it from being the outsides facing out to making them be on the inside.

He must to have jumped upon my sewing table and found it.  Since he was having so much fun with it and did not want me take it away, I decided to let him have it and came up with an idea of using ribbons instead.

We needed a Christmas picture of Bandit, so the prefect idea was to tie a Christmas ball on the end of his favorite toy.

He played with that tie everyday for months.  It even ended up in his water dish from time to time.


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