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Artist Background

Nationally known artist, known for her unique of style photography, especially her cats.

· Feature Artist at Simply Art Gallery (Galveston, Texas) in 2007
· Feature Artist at Mason's Art Gallery (Old Town Spring, Texas) in 2007
· Solo Exhibit at EB5 International Art Gallery (Houston, Texas) in 2007
· Downtown Houston Shows in 2008
· Included in the Houston City Hall Artists group

Jeanne is a native Texan born into a family of artists. Her mother, aunt, and sister are all avid painters, so it wouldn’t be hard to understand why she would be driven to express her artistic talents.  However, it was only after a long and very successful career in computers that she returned to visit those artistic roots.

Merging her computer experience and artistic roots helped her in her endeavors to enhance her photographic images to produces some unique images that are reminiscent of the French Impressionists watercolor painters. When this magic happens, then the picture is saved. It is then shared in hopes that it will capture a piece of your heart too.

Some people would say that she is an artist that does photography; others might say that she is a photographer that does art.  All I can say is that she has found her true calling.

All her prints are archival giclée prints, printed only with high quality color-lasting inks and papers to enhance the vibrancy of colors and the look of velvet. If you look closely, some will have a 3-D look.


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